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Chevon has successfully negotiated and navigated the real estate process for hundreds of clients in varying circumstances. He was won numerous competitive offer situations and has an esteemed reputation for remaining steadfast, proactive, and never giving up. He is a personable yet firm professional who is excellent at thoughtfully advising his clients, and developing strategies to yield the best outcome. 

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Chevon Lee is an honorably discharged veteran with an enthusiastic passion for all things real estate. He served in the United States Army with tours to Afghanistan and South Korea. His experiences as a solider provided a wealth of knowledge on prudence, diplomatic negotiation, and the tenacity to stick to a task until completed. As a result, Mr. Lee is relentless when it comes to getting the job done. 


The Chevy Lee Realty business model encompasses commitment, effective communication, reliability, and trust. In addition, Mr. Lee possesses a pleasing and magnetic personality. He has the skill to relay complicated processes into words that are easy to understand, ensuring that all clients feel well-informed and assured throughout the home-buying process.  


In addition, Mr. Lee is an affiliate of Buy Smart Colorado, the world's top-ranked Multiple Listing Service (MLS) serving Colorado Real Estate Professionals. Mr. Lee has helped many families and individuals achieve their real estate objectives. 


"Assisting people with their home-buying needs brings me immense joy. Their success is my success, and it drives me to continue my education, expound upon my skills, and stay abreast of the everchanging real estate industry. Therefore, I stand at the ready to serve you without hesitation and look forward to dedicating my skills and resources to help you achieve your goals." 


We're in this together. Click or call to get started today. 

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